Winter Waistline Challenge

Winter Waistline Challenge


That time of year has come back around…the holiday time, and with is, loads of temptations to skip your workout, over-indulge and ‘get back on track in 2018.’

Hence, why we created our Winter Waistline Challenge. Every year, we hold this challenge throughout all our locations, but also wanted to make this challenge available to anyone who may NOT be near a Kaia FIT [like myself, living all the way over here in VA].

So, how do you start?

It’s simple:


Step 1:

  • Measure your waist by November 27th

The tape measure should go over your belly button, and be snug [but not tight!]










Step 2:

  • Snap a BEFORE picture & post on our Kaia FIT Facebook page
    • You’ll be amazed at the physical results from simply bringing awareness to your core over the next month. Sometimes, it’s easy to forget where we came from without a reminder…that’s all a ‘before’ picture is!
    • If you’re not comfortable posting a before pic on our public Facebook page, snap a selfie, tell us your goals and post your ‘before’ pic on our private group page!


Step 3:

  • Join our private Facebook group for support, inspiration and to find awesome at-home workouts to help you stay committed this holiday season!

Step 4:

  • As a holiday present to yourself, post your ‘after’ image on our Kaia FIT Facebook page and tell us how you did! We’ll be awarding 1 winner* with some seriously sweet swag! Be sure to TAG Kaia FIT & use the #: #kaiafit #winterwaistlinechallenge #holidaystrong so we can use your posts for inspiration for others!



While our Winter Waistline Challenge has an aspect of fun [local Kaia Girls put money into a pool & winner takes all!], it’s not truly about money.

"Belly fat is bad fat," said Dr. Paul Poirier, from the Institute of Cardiology at Laval University in Quebec, Canada, and the author of an accompanying editorial in the same issue of the journal. Stomach fat has been linked to high cholesterolinflammationheart diseasestroke and diabetes, he explained.”[1]

In a study using 15,000 individual’s data to compare the risk of premature death, they discovered:

“Normal weight women with extra belly fat had nearly a 50 percent increased risk of death during the study period versus a normal weight woman whose weight was more equally distributed throughout her body.”

WOW. With not one, but two types of fat to contend with, it’s important to identify the center of our bodies as a strong focus for out health. The two types of fat that settle in our abdomen region are:

Subcutaneous Fat: located in the fatty tissue just beneath the skin, similar to fat elsewhere in the body.

Visceral Fat [the worst!]: located around the internal organs.[2]

The only way to eradicate the visceral fat, according to Harvard Health Publishing, is to lose weight. Over the next month, make movement a priority. When you’re running, sitting, squatting, crunching…engage your core! Not only will this strengthen your bodies support system, it will encourage better posture, lessen lower back pain and make you think twice before reaching for that buffalo chicken dip…hopefully ;)

We can’t wait to see what goals you set for yourself, how your hard work pays off just in time for 2018, and how small, simple changes can have huge lasting impacts on your health.

In health, happiness and gratitude,

Coach Angela




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