Why You Need to Warm Up

Why You Need to Warm Up

Your warmup may just be the most important part of your workout!

Sometimes you just want to get into the gym, hit the ground running and knock your workout out!  


Before you begin any type of physical activity it is extremely important to warm up your body and prepare your muscles for what you are about to put them through. The most important reason behind a good warm-up is to prevent injury. It prepares you for physical effort by putting a gradual increasing load on the cardiovascular, nervous musculoskeletal system.

 Below are some of the benefits to a good warm up

Increased blood flow to working muscles

Improves Blood Pressure

Slowly elevates your heart rate

Increases Oxygen & Nutrient uptake

Boosts body temperature and muscle elasticity

 These are all factors in increasing your performance and decreasing the risk of injury during your workout or and physical activity.

So next time set aside 10 minutes at the least to get your body warmed up for what’s to come!

Below are some links for some added information and a list of great warm ups.


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